Lil Nas X – Montero (CMBYN)- Blasphème ?

Hello peeps I hope y’all are doing okay. Let’s talk news and queerness today with the release of the much-anticipated new single of Lil Nas X – Montero (Call me by your name) and its music video.

Un titre à la hauteur de la hype

CMBYN was produced by Roy Lenzo, Omer Fedi and Take a daytrip and co-written by Montero Lamar Hill (Lil Nas X) himself. The title of the song is a tribute to the 2017’s award-winning movie Call me by your name.

The sound is a real hit and quickly climbs into the top 3 USA on Spotify and iTunes. The music video has accumulated 18 million views in 2 days. The concept was imagined by Lil Nas, he co-directed it alongside Tanu Muino.

Following the release of the song, the artist also shared an open letter to his 14-year-old self on his social media platforms:

Opinion on the mv

About the song, I got nothing to say: a bop. It’s Lil Nas, both in the sounds and in the lyrics. Regarding the mv, I was fascinated by its fantastic universe. Even though there are biblical and ancient greek references, it’s very futuristic. It remains coherent if we compare with « Holiday » by his taste for the costumes.

His character shifts from temptation, to judgment, and finally to acceptance. The message is quite simple if you take the time to try to understand and go beyond the message visual. I won’t say the end of the clip didn’t disturb me, it did at first. But I looked at it again, thought about who the artist is, and read the letter he posted on the networks, and it was clearer.

Now, I said it disturbed me, but it didn’t bother me. And I honestly don’t get why people are bothered by it to the point of calling him a satanist. If you consider the fact that most religious people say to gay people that they are going to hell, why are they so annoyed that a gay man did it ? I personally think that it’s because he enjoyed his trip down there. Truth is, these people want the lgbtq community to feel extremely sad, terrified, and ashamed about the idea of going to hell. But as soon as we embrace this idea, now it’s a problem. Why ? Because then we’re not sad anymore. And that’s not okay to them. I think that this music video is to say: you know what ? If I have to go to hell then so be it.


I’m okay with the clip and I understand it. But I also think that he’s hurt, and vulnerable, and wanted to, let’s say, provoke the public opinion. Cause he obviously knew people will be angry. I don’t think that anyone should embrace the idea of going to hell, queer or not. I believe people should aim for heaven. To be as close to God as possible. And this is a message from a queer woman and a believer: if God is as good as I believe my God is (and I’m not talking about the God described by religions), you’re not going to hell for simply being who you are. No matter what your colleague, sister, or father is telling you. Don’t listen to religious people, trust your guts, be a good person, and have faith in his love.

« Blasphemy ! »

By the way, since we’re here. Blasphemy is something which outrages a divinity, a religion, a person or thing considered sacred. If you consider that dancing on the devil (and killing it) is blasphemy, that means that satan is sacred to you. Only the satanists should be angry at this.

This is not the first or the last music video that will shock religious people. They survived to Madonna, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, etc. They will survive to this one.

What about you ? What did you think about it ? Tell me in the comments

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