Best Apps for your mental health

We are often on our phones these days to keep in touch with our loved ones, so why not use them for our mental health ? You don’t have the financial means or the courage to get some help? Today I introduce you to some apps that I found to fix this problem. Most of them are free with in-app purchases and can be locked with a passcode.

If you know other apps recommend it in the comment section !

What’s up

Depression, anxiety, etc – Free with donations from 1,09€ to 4,49€ – English

Petit Bambou

Meditation – Free or a 41,99€/6 months semestrial pass – French, English, etc


Meditation and sleep – Free trial for 7 days then 49,99€/year – French, English, Korean, etc

Quit that

Addiction – Free with donations from 3,49€ to 10,99€ – English

Self-Help for anxiety management (SAM)

Anxiety – Free – English

Calm harm

Distract you from the urge to self harm – Free – English

E-moods bipolar mood tracker

Bipolarity – Free but you can sponsor the app to have additional features – English, French


Therapy & counseling – 65$/week for messaging therapy, 79$ for messaging + 1 live video session (30 min). Could be covered by your insurance if you’re in the US – English


Self-guided therapy – Free for 7 days then 99,99€ a year or 16,49€/month – English


Mood check – Free or 7 days free trial then 23,99€/year – French

I’m sorry I didn’t find good, affordable, apps for people with OCD, ADHD, PTSD, etc. Don’t worry, maybe I’ll do a part 2 some day.

Disclaimer: these apps are supposed to help and they are more accessible, but they’re absolutely not a substitute for a qualified therapist.

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