Happy New Year

Hello peeps !

I know I haven’t been really active since November… I hope you and your families are okay. I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year ! Finally ! 2020 is over.

A year that has been complicated for a lot of people. I really wanted to wish you a better year than the last one. With of course a thought for all those who struggled, who lost relatives, who continued to work face-to-face in difficult conditions, etc. Sure this health crisis is not going to end just because we have changed a year, but this January 1, feels like a little break. A break where you can catch your breath, regain your courage, and begin to recover from the damage caused by 2020.

(And then to be honest, unless a war breaks out, I don’t think it could be worse.)

Personally, it’s the last month that has been really difficult for me because I haven’t been able to travel and spend the holidays with my family. Which led to a very harsh depressive and suicidal episode in which I still am presently.

Anyway I will do my best to keep the blog active again this year. About that, I will try to talk more about hot topics that I care about. Something that I didn’t necessarily do before because some subjects exhaust me mentally, and I always try to protect my energy.

I feel really lucky and I appreciate y’all for reading my content. I hope I helped or informed at least one person with one of my posts last year.

May 2021 bring us peace, healing, and joy. God bless you.

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